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Bettabilt is a comprehensive real estate and marketing company established in 1983 in Paphos by its managing director Marios Michaelides. Currently his daughter, Leah Michaelides  is the company secretary. The company is registered with Registration number 560 and Licence number 41/E.

Marios Michaelides now with 28 years experience in real estate, initially studied at the English School in Nicosia and then attended the Westminster University in Marylebone, London qualifying with a B.Sc in Civil Engineering degree. He worked in United Arab Emirates and Iraq for six years as senior engineer on large construction projects such as Abu-Dhabi airport and Basra University, before settling in Cyprus and setting up the company in 1983.

Leah Michaelides is currently completing her second studies in BA Photography (Hons) at Middlesex University in London. She also studied B.Sc Geographical Information Systems at Kingston University in London and graduated in January 2007. She did a sandwich placement at Ordnance Survey in Southampton for a year and did a six-week conservation project in Fiji in 2003. Leah is extremely keen on agro-tourism, and environment conservation including renovating old village houses.

Bettabilt HOMES is committed to a dedicated service. Our customer service is personal, professional and prompt. Our sales approach is designed to the customer's specific requirements. We never pressurise anyone into a sale.

Our services are not limited to real estate sales and marketing but lso extend into design and construction  to individual specifications as well as home improvement.




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